Martock Neighbourhood Plan

Useful documents

Below is a list of documents that are useful and relevant to the Neighbourhood Plan. Clicking the title will download the document (pdf) or open it in a separate window depending on browser settings

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National and local planning policy documents

Planning guidance documents

These documents provide useful ideas and guidance on how to implement local and neighbourhood plans

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Revised version, Feb 2019.

The planning policy document of the Department of Communities and local Government. The neighbourhood plan must integrate within this framework. Building for Life 12 This document is produced jointly by the Design Council and the construction industry and gives guidance to developers on how to create attractive and viable housing estates
The South Somerset Local Plan The South Somerset District Local Plan. The neighbourhood plan must integrate within the Local Plan policies and adds detail to the sections on Martock. Manual for Streets This document, produced jointly by the Department of Transport and the Department of Communities, provides guidance on how do design streets that safely serve all the needs of a sustainable community.
The South Somerset Local Plan Review 2019 The South Somerset Local Plan Review discussion document, July-Sept 2019    

Martock planning documents Documents that provide information and guidance for planners about Martock
Natural environment These documents provide information and advice for helping communities plan their environment in a manner that preserves its biodiversity
Martock Peripheral Landscape Study A study by SSDC showing where important agricultural and environmental landscape features are around Martock and where development can take place that does least harm to these The State of Nature 2013
The State of Nature 2016
Analysis of the state of UK wildlife, by a consortium of national conservation organisations. These are revised every three years
Martock Sustainable Development Plan An analysis of the strengths and weakneses of the services that contribute to the sustainability of Martock. 2013 Planning for Somerset's wildlife Brief guide for planners by Somerset Wildlife Trust
Middle Street - Feb 14
Gastons lane - May 14
Foldhill lane - Oct 15
Lavers Oak - June 16
Ringwell Hill - Aug 16
Planning Inspectorate appeal judgements South West Region Agricultural Land Classification A DEFRA map showing land classification in the South West. (Warning - This is a large file (15Mb) and requires a computer with large monitor and memory to study it effectively)

Martock Conservation Area map
Conservation area document 1971

Two documents on the Martock Conservation Area    
Martock Parish map A map showing the Parish boundaries    


Documents that provide information on housing need
Historic environment Documents giving guidance on ways of preserving our historic environment
Strategic Housing Market Assessment, October 2016 Consultancy report on housing needs for all Somerset Councils South Somerset Historic Environment Strategy Draft for discussion. Strategy for managiing hsistoric assets
SSDC 5 year Land Supply 2018 SSDC Five-year land supply paper, August 2018 Martock Archeological Survey SCC. Assessment of the archeological sites of importance in and around Martock, 2003
SSDC Housing and economic Land Availability Assessment, September 2018

Martock site list and map, Sept 2018
Assesment and list of potential housing and commercial sites, SSDC, Sept 2018. Martock Conservation Area Statement, 1971 SCC. The document prepared by SCC when the Conservation area was established
South Somerset Local Plan Review Issues and Options - Martock and Bower Hinton Options for growth in Martock and Bower Hinton. Consultation document 2018 The Setting of Heritage Assets Guidance from Historic england (formerly English Heritage) on assessing the hertiage value of buildings and maintaining them and their settings

Flood risk

Documents that provide information on flooding policy and data


The Pitt Report to Cabinet (2008)

This is the report produced after the floods of summer 2007 which forms the basis of current flood management policies


Weblinks to two sites that provide local data and tools on soil permeability for flood management This provides calculations for developers on greenfield runoff and flood storage, This is a link to an app run by Cranfield University which provides fine detail of soils on a contrywide map. The detail includes permeability


National Flood resilience review, 2016

A review of the National Flood Risk Management Strategy developed following the Pitt report (above)


SSDC Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2008.

SSDC response to National Flood Risk Strategy.
Updated Martock flood risk map, 2015 and similar map allowing for climate change projections 2015


Think soils, Environment Agency 2008

Practical guide for farmers and others on soil types and management