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Neighbourhood Plan drafts

Pre-submission consultation version, January 2019

This version incoporates relevant comments received on the First Consultation Draft (sept 18). It has been agreed by the Neigbourhood Plan Steering Group.

The next steps

1 Does the plan need an environmental asessment?
This draft will be submitted to South Somerset District Council to determine whether it will have to be subjected to a process called a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and/or Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA). These are required if the Parish contains any special environmental areas such as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Because we do not have any areas like this in the parish, we expect that these assessments will not be needed.

2 Approval by the Parish
This version must now be subjected to a further round of parish consultation before it can be submitted for formal consideration by South Somerset District Council. Individual parishioners and community groups are asked for comments (approval as well as suggested changes). A notice will appear in the March 2019 edition of The Leveller.

The pre-submission draft can be downloaded in full
Comments are requested from both individuals and community groups. These can be made:

  • by email to
  • directly on the discussion webpages here where they will be visible to everyone else
  • in writing - drop into the Parish Office

Download the Pre-submission version here

(This is the draft that will be sent for SEA screening - comments are invited in the anticipation that it will not need screening and so will not be changed)



First consultation draft, September 2018

The plan is made up of an Introduction followed by seven sections built around a small number of policies. Each section explains why the policies have been included and how the policies are expected to be applied

Comments have been received and analysed and relevant ones have been incorporated in the second draft - the Pre-submission consultation version above

Download the first consultation draft here

Supporting documents