Martock Neighbourhood Plan


WheelsFirst World War guncarriage wheels made at Sparrows Works

Policy theme

National planning policy talks of the economic sustainability of a community.

What is economic sustainability?

National planning policy requires that all communities and developments should be 'sustainable'. There are three components to sustainability, social, economic and environmental.

This theme of the neighbourhood plan is about economic sustainability. A community is economically sustainable when most of its members have work and the work is nearby to minimise commuting which is economically undesirable and environmentally harmful.

Making Martock more economically sustainable

We need more jobs in Martock.

Currently almost two thirds of the population of Martock commute out of the village to work. An important part of the neighbourhood plan must be to help create more local jobs to reduce the need to commute.

We need to think how this can be done. Most of the job opportunities are in the main industrial area north of the village. This area is almost full. Where can we develop more industrial and commercial areas? What kinds of industrial and commercial developments are needed? What should they look like and where should they be?

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