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Coat Hay
Coat Hay Common north west of Coat. Looking south towards the Blackdowns

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Creating a Natural Environment Manual for the village

Please help collect data for our environment manual. The Manual which will be an annex to the Neighbourhood Plan. It will have the following sections

  • A habitat map of the parish
  • Views and vistas
  • Historic rural environment
  • A guide to builders and developers

Report what is important about our natural environment

When you go for a walk, report anything you think is worth noting on your walk; plant and animal sightings: important trees; meadows; old orchards; old structures like bridges and milestones, important hedgerows; woodland; scrubland; important views. Anything that seems to you important.

There are three ways of doing this.

1 With a smartphone.

Just photograph whatever it is and send it to Include a little explanation of what it is.

Smartphone photos, and some from modern cameras, have GPS data coded into them (unless you have turned it off). So we can make a note on a map of what you have photographed.

2 Complete a simple survey document

Download a simple survey form to tell us about what you see. No problem if you cant fill in every space.

Email the completed form to Also include any helpful photographs. If you use a smartphone the photos will have the map coordinates built in which will be very helpful

3 Using maps

1 Click the circled number on the map below to download a large scale map of that part of the parish. They are pdfs and can be printed out A4 size. The blue line on them is the Parish boundary.

3 Write notes on the map as you walk. Take photos as well if you wish; they are very useful.

4 Scan it with the notes and email with any photos, to

OR Drop it off at the Martock Council Office at the Pinnacle. (Label it Neighbourhood Plan).

Reporting Maps
All maps are produced using Parish Online and subject to OS Crown Copyright (100054346)





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