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Halletts Hill with RedwingHalletts Hill with a flock of foraging redwing

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Landscapes and views

The Village Setting

The three villages, Martock, Hurst and Bower Hinton, which now form the single settlement of Martock, are set in a shallow valley between about 12 and 30 metres above sea level. It is surrounded to the north, much of the east and the south by a series of low hills rising to about 50m.

This means fine views looking over Martock to the nearby hills opposite and, on clear days, to the distant Mendips, Quantocks and Blackdowns. To the south east is Ham Hill topped with its war memorial.

To the west, particularly from the nearby hilltops, we have fine long views across the Moors and Levels with landmarks like the Parrett Works Chimney, Kingsbury Church Tower and Burrow Hill.

A striking feature of almost all the views across the village is how few buildings of the 2000 or so that we have, can be seen at all. Many of the gardens, particularly the long ones either side of Hurst and Bower Hinton, end in tall trees and younger trees are everywhere in the Conservation Area. The impression, from just outside the village in most directions, is one of almost open countryside.

The Martock Peripheral Landscape Study

The views towards the village from the ring of higher ground around it is described in some detail in the Martock Peripeheral Landscape Study prepared by South Somerset a decade ago. It is a comprhensive analysis of of our landscape and shows, in map form, where the views are and where the sensitive landscapes are that help form them. For more see the link in the right column.



More about the Peripheral Landscape Study here

Some of our best views

Follow the link on the right to a map showing some of our finest views. Clicking the view will open pictures and a description.

The Neighbourhood Plan will protect the important views by ensuring that the only development that will be supported will be below the rim of the surrounding hills making it, like the rest of the village, largely invisible from outside.


Follow this link to a the Views page.

Our footpaths

We are well-served with ancient footpaths and droves (but few bridlepaths and no cycle paths). All these are described in great detail on the Parish website. Follow the link


Follow this link to the footpath pages of MartockOnline