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Bower Hinton from Ham HillBower Hinton from the top of Ham Hill. This is the only part of the village that can be clearly seen; it is about 30m above sea level compared with 12 for the village centre.

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Seven views around Martock

Discussions with many people in the village confirmed that parishioners want to retain and protect the rural character of the area.

One way of doing this is to try and ensure that its essential character was not harmed unnecessarily be development. People told us about the views they enjoy when they walk our many footpaths. They sent photographs and descriptions.

This map shows seven key views that epitomise the rural nature of the Parish and should be protected by a specific policy in the Neighbourhood Plan.

More about the seven views

All these landscapes show different parts of the Parish and are viewed from within the Parish.

Click on a view to find out more about it. A pdf showing the view and a description will open in a separate window.

A pdf showing all the views can be downloaded here.

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Map of views





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