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Policy Theme

The South Somerset Local Plan includes a forecast of houses to be constructed in various centres in the current planning period that ends in 2028. This programme includes a minimum number of newly built houses for Martock of 230. This was further defined by the Planning Inspector at the Lavers Oak planning appeal as being a guideline rather than a minimum. This number means we should build, on average, 10-12 houses per year.

What the neighbourhood plan cannot do

The neighbourhood plan cannot challenge the number of new houses planned for Martock in the South Somerset Local Plan.

What the neighbourhood plan can do

The total number of built and approved houses so far (March 2017) in Martock within the current planning period around 220. This is almost the guideline total for the whole period. We can challenge the excessive numbers but any challenge must be justified by strong evidence. This is because Martock is designated as a 'Rural Centre' which is planned to grow faster that the smaller surrounding villages. Both the National and Local Plan allow settlements like ours to grow if the local need for housing grows, that is, if more local jobs are created.

We can also advise and recommend where new housing should be built, what kind it should be, and what it should look like.

An important document that provides recommendations, based on evidence and surveys, of where houses should and should not be built is the Martock Peripheral Landscape Study. This is an SSDC document to guide planners and should be a foundation stone of this theme of the Neighbourhood Plan.


The Built Area Boundary

The built area boundary is an important tool to help us decide where houses can and should not, by built. It is a line drawn tightly around existing houses and their gardens. New houses should be built either in spaces inside this boundary or, if outside, must be adjacent to it. More information, including the draft map of the boundary, is here


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Housing development applications in recent years are shown on a housing map (under construction)

The SSDC Martock Peripheral Landscape Study (2008) can be found here.

Housing land supply. The South Somerset Housing Land supply is kept under regular review. Latest data are here; follow the Housing Land Supply tab in the list at the bottom of the page.

Follow this link for a direct download of the 2020-2025 Housing land supply document. This may not be the latest. Details of available land are given in the annex where settlements are analysed in alphabet order.