Martock Neighbourhood Plan

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Housing developments in the Local Plan period, 2006-28

Housing developments 2006-2017

The Local Plan specifies a minimum of 230 new houses during the Plan period.

The latest figures from South Somerset planners (Jan 2017) show that 77 have been completed and that 179 are under construction of have planning permission. The map below shows most of these (it does not show small infill developments)


Housing applications and developments since 2012

The main planning applications since 2012 are shown on the map. Hover on the house symbols to show the details of the development.

These numbers do not yet include the proposed developments on Foldhill Lane where applications have been rejected twice.

Housing map


Ringwell Hill Lyndhurst Grove Lavers Oak Water Street Coat Road
Coat Road.
Full permission for 91 houses, April 2015
Long Orchard, Water Street.
Full permission for 35 houses, Construction in progress.
(Called 'Mertoch Leat' by the developers)
North of Lavers Oak
Permission for 91 houses rejected at a public inquiry, April 2015.

Lyndhurst Grove
Outline permission for 35 houses, April 3013. Overturned Februray 2017 but may appeal

Ringwell Hill
Permission for 49 houses rejected on appeal, August 2016.