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Newsletter 1

Newsletter 1, February 2017

This issue describes the pressure that the village has been underin the last two years from large-scale developers.

It also provides information from several planning applications that have been refused by the Planning Inspectorate

Newsletter 2

Newsletter 2, March 2017

This issue focuses on the traffic problem in Martock.

It also provides some infomation on footpaths

Newsletter 3

Newsletter 3, May 2017

This issue looks at the natural environment around Martock and how we can map it for the Neighbourhood Plan .

The landscape sensitivity map produced by SSDC is shown and how it can be used to suggest places where development is preferred is dicussed


Newsletter 4, June 2017

This issue looks at the issue of flooding in Martock. It documents notable past floods and provides an explanation of 'sustainable drainage', the rules which all new developments have to follow..


Newsletter 5

Newsletter 5, July 2017

This issue looks at our important historic environment. It asks if the Conservation Area boundaries should be changed.

It also suggests making a list of important buildings that should be conserved but are not on the national list.

Newsletter 6

Newsletter 6, November 2017

This issue contains the approved first draft of the Plan Aims and Objectives