Martock Neighbourhood Plan



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Building the Martock Plan

Timeline and Proposal
The detailed timeline for achieving each element of the Plan process

Download the timeline here

Local Evidence Report
A report that brings together evidence related to all aspects of the plan. It is assembled from relevent documents, databases such as the National Census, and from local research.

Download the Local Evidence Report here (draft, 24July17)

Aims and Objectives
Draft version for discussion, drawn up from the Local Context evidence base.

Download the draft Aims and Objectives here (draft 17Sept17)

Aims and Objectives
Approved versions for discussion, drawn up following the village drop-in dicussion on 14 Oct 17. These were revised following feedback 16th November 2017

Download the approved Aims and Objectives here (8Nov17)
Revised (16Nov17) here

Report of the Aims and Objectives consultation,
14th October 2017
A drop-in community consultation was held on the morning of 14th December in the Market Hall

Download the report here

First Consultation Draft
September 2018
This first draft was published at the beginning of September 2018 andcomments were received until the end of October 2018


More details here
An analysis of all the comments is here

Pre-Submission Consultation Draft
January 2019
This draft incorporates comments received on the consultation draft. It is currently being considered by South Somerset District Council who will determine whether assessments of its environmental impact will be needed. When this has been determined it will be put out to a Parish Consultation


More details here