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What is a neighbourhood plan?

Martock Neighbourhood Plan will describe how Martock should develop in the future until 2028, when the current plan period ends.

The Neighbourhood Plan is the third tier of planning below the national level and the South Somerset District (SSDC) level. The South Somerset Local Plan provides the broad picture of how Martock should expand and develop; the Martock Neighbourhood Plan fills in the details and it will become, like the other two, a legally recognised planning document that all developers must consult. More about these three tiers can be found here.

So the SSDC Local Plan provides , for example, an idea of how many new houses should be built between now and 2028 but the Neighbourhood Plan describes the details; the type of housing, where they should be, what they should look like and what facilities will the people need.

What will the plan look like?

We are are suggesting that there should be five policy themes to the plan.

  • jobs
  • local character
  • facilities
  • housing
  • getting around.

Three of these themes, jobs, local character and facilities are the three themes (economic, environment and social) of 'sustainable development' which are the basis of the national and local planning policy documents. See the right hand column for links to these policy documents and also for more on what is meant by sustainable development.

The other two suggested themes are housing and transport. These overlap with the main three but it is proposed to treat them seperately because they are the issues that most people are most interested in and also they are issues that developers will take most note of.

For more information on each of these themes use the menu at the top of the page.

What will be included in the Plan, and what will not.

The Plan is only about buildings; how many, where, what they look like and what they are for. It will also be concerned with anything that must be constructed to allow buildings to function properly, such as drainage, open spaces, new parking spaces, roads and footpaths. In doing this it will be very concerned to conserve our fine historic and natural environment that is so important to us.

The Plan will not be concerned with how the village is managed and the services provided; these are matters that can be found in the Local Community Plan and they are managed by the Parish Council and the Making the Most of Martock Community Partnership (M3CP). Great care will be taken, however, to ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan and the Community Plan (currently being revised) dovetail perfectly; they are two sides of the same coin.



Buiding the Plan
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