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Thanks to all who came to the Martock Neighbourhood Plan meeting last Saturday. Good to see so many.

Many people were very interested in the maps from the Martock Peripheral Landscape Study that we had on display. These showed where the important views are and where the finest landscapes are around the village. This is a very useful publication. It will help us plan where future housing and business development should, and should not, be.

The Landscape Study is now on the website, and can be downloaded, at

It would be good to follow this up by building up a collection of pictures and descriptions of the parts of the Martock Landscape that you walk through and like.  The more contributions we have the easier it will be to protect the it and the views from it.

I live at Bower Hinton, just a short walk from the circle of low hills, Ringwell Hill, Hallett Hill and Cripple Hill.  From these we can see as far as the Mendips northwards and the Levels westwards.  The gap in the hedge below shows the back of Sparrows Works, the church tower in the centre and the Mendips not quite visible in the hazy distance


Below is a landmark that is noted in the Landscape Study.  Almost every view looking south from Martock will have this row of oaks that mark the top of Hallett Hill.



It would be good to build up a record of the places and views people like around the village.  Let us know here (click ‘leave a reply’ above) or upload pictures to the Martock Neighbourhood Plan Facebook Page

Andrew Clegg 15/3/16

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