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The first Consultation Draft of the Plan

The first Consultation Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is now complete. 

We have spent a year or so gathering data and opinions on all the aspects of the Plan. With the help of an expert we have built the first draft of a Plan based on all this. It is written to a standard planning format in several sections each about a different topic. Every section follows the same format;

1 An introduction arguing why plan policies are needed
2 Plan policies, usually in several topics within each section
3 An explanation and elaboration of how the policies will be applied.

You will probably see that there are many gaps, many areas that are not clear, and possibly some mistakes.  We need help to improve it.

Please help by going to the draft download page where you can download either the whole plan or a particular section that is of most interest.  Comments can be made by email to, or via the contact page of this site.

Or you can publish your comment on any of the comment pages in the menu bar – click the ‘Leave a reply’ link.  Please allow day or so for publication (anti-spam)

Andrew Clegg

The Taunton to Yeovil railway

I’m writing this post mainly to test the system. It should appear only in the ‘getting around category and be accessed only by the ‘getting around’ menu.

The railway ran seven trains a day in both directions reaching Yeovil at Yeovil Town station, now demolished, where Bradfords yard now is. The route is now the A3088. It was closed by the Beeching axe in the sixties.

There is a link in the right column of the ‘Getting around’ information page to a splendid west of England railway enthusiasts website which has a number of interesting photographs, including the one of Martock Station.

Andrew Clegg