Martock Neighbourhood Plan


Martock StationMartock used to be on the Taunton to Yeovil line ('Martock requires no special comment' - Bradshaw)

Policy Theme
Getting around

Traffic is a major issue in Martock. Unfortunately the Neighbourhood Plan cannot influence the core problem very much - which is that Martock was built in the time when walking and the horse were the main ways of getting around.

What the Neighbourhood Plan can do

The plan can incorporate ideas for developing foot and cycle paths to allow people who want to try and manage without using a car to get into the centre (and to the school) with greater safety. It can also be used to help the Parish justifying funding applications for this kind of enterprise.

The plan can guide builders to build, both houses and commercial properties, in those parts of the village that are likely to cause least congestion. It can also help to increase off-street parking.

The plan can also provide ammunition for the Parish Council in its (continuous) negotiations with the highway authorities to improve traffic flow around the village.

What the Neighbourhood Plan cannot do

The highway authority is Somerset County Council which is not directly involved in planning negotiations. They are consulted automatically as part of all planning approvals but seldom respond to our detailed comments about congestion; their main concern is to ensure that and developments meet legal requirements. This will not change as a result of the neighbourhood plan.

Another limitation is expense. Even a small change (such as re-signing roads and changing priorities) is expensive. The neighbourhood plan will operate at the parish level and may help to encourage funds towards improving how we get around. But the funding available through the channels it can influence will not be sufficient for most significant changes - such as a relief road.

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We once had good public transport. The last train through Martock ran on 13th June 1964. At that time there were seven services per weekday both ways; Yeovil 18 minutes, Taunton 42. More here