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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Jeremy Bell

    If jobs are going to be created, and to stop people travelling excessively I think it is a good idea, then any new industrial building should be sited nearer to the A303 for ease of access.

  2. Jeremy Bell

    When in Germany I was housed in a complex that enclosed a grassed area and was made up of flats that were no more than 3 high and there were 6 blocks of these flats. To save ground area (and farming land) flats would be the answer in Martock.

  3. Jeremy Bell

    I heard through the grape vine that the Martock surgery was a little too expensive to run. Not sure why as I could not quiz the person too much, but if you are going to allow more housing, and I think that this is obvious then something has to be done with regard to more doctors and facilities in this direction. As the elderly, including me, get older and manage tio hang on in there, we cannot always travel to South Petherton to get an immediate appointment.

    1. Fergus Dowding

      The Community Survey of Martock, which was open to all, and currently being compiled and researched, showed that many existing residents want houses just for themselves, nearly all want 4 bedrooms! And people with grandchildren living at home with them because the parents can’t afford their own house.
      This doesn’t increase the number of people needing a doctor’s surgery, it simply means we want more houses for the same number of people. Nobody can live together these days, it seems.


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