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Initial consultation drop-in workshop,
12th March 2016

This allowed particpants to comment on a set of draft objectives. There are three output reports, one the result of a questionnaire, one a report of the discussions and a third the result of 'mad, glad and sad' comment board on which particpants were inviited to disclose some of their feelings about living in Martock.

Aims and objectives drop-in workshop,
14th October 2017



There are three output reports from this workshop.
The questionnaire analysis
The workshop report
The 'mad, glad and sad' board

The report and products of the Aims and Objectives Workshop are here

Focus group newsletters A series of monthly newsletters from February 2017. Initially these were in both paper and electronic format, then only eletronic and sent to a group of around 200 subscribers representing some 8% of village households. All the newsletters can be seen here
Farmers' market A Neighbourhood Plan stall at the monthly Martock Farmers' Market was started in March 2017. It has been running continually except for months where there wer no developments to discuss, usually August and Christmas.
The market stall adresses matters highlighted in the newsletter which was circulated earlier the same week.
Website and Social Media

This website has discussion pages.

There is a Martock Plan Facebook Page and the newsletter is circulated on the recently established Martock Nextdoor social media page


M3 - Making the Most of Martock




The Leveller.

M3 is a trust company established to promote and raise funds for communal activities in the village. Village societies and groups are represented on it . It has close links with, but is independent of, the Parish Council.
The Neighbourhood Plan steering group is a member and provides a writte progress report to each meeting.

M3 produces a quarterly magazine, The Leveller, delivered to everyone in the village. This is used as the formal means of communication with everyone in the village about the Neighbourhood Plan development.

Task group membership There are seven task groups developing the different sections of the Neigjbourhood Plan. Many include members who either have a specific role in the village or who represent village groups, such as business or recreation  
Parish Council The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Ggroup reports to monthly Parish Council meetings. Several councillors are members of the Steering Group